Is the Italian Taxpayer Footing the Bill for Ontopsychology?
The Culture Department of the Bologna Township hosts a controversial "science" 

Ontopsychology: Tit for Tat
In April 1998, the Italian Ministry of the Interior gave a warning about this group 

The Only Genius of Our Planet
Tonino Meneghetti, founder of Ontopsychology, proclaims himself as the greatest scientist on our planet 

Not All that Glitters is Gold!
Meneghetti is sentenced for manslaughter of a follower of his, Marina Furlan. The sentences and newspaper articles 

Ontoart: "Ecceic Connotation of the Edenic Function"
The most eccentric aspect of Meneghetti the ontopsychologist 

Truth hurts... I know!

Ontopsychology's New Look
The Ontopsychologists redo their web pages after our site was closed 

1st World Ontopsychology Conference
An amusing study on the Moscow conference in October 1997 
N.B. A lot of images 

Ontoart 2: Intelligence in Matter
An analysis of a show by Meneghetti the artist 

Loretta: Just a Victim?
Meneghetti's wife demands separation 

The story of brazilian old adherent...

"Nobody can judge me, neither I"!
Let's have a walk in the world of the ontopsychology-academic titles

The fake Russian degrees' tale!


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