The Only Genius of Our Planet

Of course, the only genius of our planet could only come from such a wonderful and colourful country as Italy; and the Home Page on the Member of the Academy Prof. Antonio Meneghetti (but his real name is a more homely Tonino) introduces him to the world. Never, by the way, directly, but always through his followers, who shower him with honours, activities, awards, publications, honorary titles and much else.

Yet such an exalted mind is not even candidate to a poor Nobel Prize. Perhaps his powerful personality dislikes competing with lesser and terrestrial minds. Indeed, Meneghetti seems to be already launched towards extraplanetary worlds.

«On the threshold of the third millennium, he considers Mankind to be utterly unprepared to meet civilizations different from ours. This could be the foundation for an intrapsychic colonization which is already going on».
This statement is supported, and made a little more comprehensible, by another:
«A philosopher who has not yet met a mind able to rightly understand his treatise on "Existence as contradiction of being" or "aetiology of the word"...He is an enviable example of elegant astuteness in the continuous whirlpool which globalization has impressed on the whole planet"...Somebody has called him the "only genius of our planet».
It is of course rather easy to have somebody else say that "somebody" has called him a genius!

Of course we would like to know who that somebody is. However, Meneghetti must be quite versatile if he manages to excell equally in music - a glorious concert player - in fine arts - a multi-faceted painter and sculptor and architect - in fashion - a master tailor (indeed, all his followers usually wear black clothes or the clothes he "creates" in Rome in a hidden shop called Moda Antonio) - in gastronomy - a refined cook and an infallible wine connoisseur-- a university professor with many different degrees, psychologist and psychotherapist, theologian, philosopher, physicist, magician, exorcist and much else to boot. Of course one does have the feeling that all the grandiose image of Meneghetti is merely a front put on to silence any critics who might bring out some of the less savoury aspects of the past of this character or of some of his followers.

Indeed, the same page of presentation lets the fact slip out that founder Meneghetti's life experiences also include a spell in gaol, as if this were something normal or indeed an honour.

«He has gone through the most significant experiences any man can live through: from the air raids of his early childhood to an unappeallable [sic] Vatican training, from university teaching to priesthood, from gaol to the direction of lyrical operas».
We are of course very interested in getting a picture of these past experiences, and especially of his criminal record, the arrests and the suits against him, since these are what should really be explained to anybody approaching the self-styled science of ontopsychology.