Ontopsychology's New Look
The Ontopsychologists redo their web pages after our site was closed

What's going on?
Joseph Inca's website, closed down due to pressure from the Ontopsychologists, offered a critical analysis of the official web pages of Ontopsychology. Now, the group has quickly removed all the references which Inca proved to be false from their websites.

We have decided not to change our website to adapt to theirs, but simply to update it, offering an analysis of each stage. We suggest our readers should download the Ontopsychology web pages from time to time so as to relate them to ours.

First of all, we are very sorry to see that the Onto-dictionary has disappeared from the web. A pity, it was a true jewel! However we shall soon be putting a new Onto-dictionary where a leading Italian philologist analyses and discusses Meneghetti's book, "100 Terms of Elementary Psychology" - you can order it officially from Psicologia Editrice, if you wish to check what we say).

The other big news is that Ontopsychology has removed the previous page which sung the praise of Tonino Meneghetti, replacing it with a new and far more sober one.
One wonders why these changes... Are they covering their tracks in order to prevent investigation into the validity of Meneghetti's titles, or are they thinking of setting up an Ontopsychology group distinct from its leader?

In any case, we certainly were able to change things inside the group, after having put the truth on Internet!

The new web page on Meneghetti claims that he was able to cure hundreds of cases, in just ten sittings, of people from every social class and cultural background: Jews, Arabs, Europeans, Chinese...
The reasonable doubt comes up, in what language did he psychoanalyse them? As far as we know, Meneghetti only speaks Italian (in its Abruzzo version) and possibly a little Latin (considering his past experience as a priest). How did the Chinese come out from Meneghetti's sittings? And did the Arabs really understand everything the "Professor" said?
This is a mystery we would really like to see solved!

The new web page also says:

Antoni Meneghetti has clearly and repeatedly said, it was not he who
"sought out" Ontopsychology, but he was driven to do so because of the
presence of a solution to a series of urgent requirements of man.

So it wasn't Meneghetti who discovered Ontopsychology, but... Ontopsychology which discovered Meneghetti!

The readers will realize that they are busily setting up another sandcastle, which many will still admire, but which will not be able to hold up to the power of the waves!