Ontopsychology: Tit for Tat

The Italian Ministry of the Interior warns about the group

It was in 1978 that the world, or rather just the city of Rome, saw the birth of a new philosophical-artistic-psychological ideology, calling itself Ontopsychology, which claims to have "Scientific research about the activity of the human psyche" as its goal.

The organization grew quickly, with a following especially in the world of psychology thanks to its diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The organization set up offices in Italy - Milan, Bologna, Trieste, Latina, Naples, Turin and several other towns - and then started to extend abroad, especially in countries which lack experience in dealing with cult-like phenomena: Brazil, China, Ukraine, Siberia, Uruguay, Peru, Latvia and former Yugoslavia.

The Ontopsychology Home Page tells us more interesting details about this ideology and its founder, Antonio Meneghetti: the most interesting being that this scientific group has been investigated by the Italian Public Security Department (in other words, by the SISDE or Italian Secret Service), which also drew up a report heavily criticising the activities of this group. This report has been made public.

Now, it is a little strange for a secret service to be so interested in such a serious scientific group as to warn society about the private interests which the group actually appears to promote.

Not all that glitters is gold… so we shall now try to understand the real aims of this movement, starting out from an analysis of their own web page. It is interesting to note that they immediately started damage control operations on Internet after the document of the Italian Ministry of the Interior came out.

So we shall start our investigation by taking a look at the criminal and disciplinary reasons which led to the group being investigated.