Let's have a walk in the world of the ontopsychology-academic titles

    To be sure of the real scientitic quality of the ontopsychology we have tried to verify the truthfullmess of some academic titles that this peculiar doctrine and its leaders  have poured out, and we're proud to show you the results of this research.

    Firstly, we have asked to the Porto Alegre University - Rio Grande du sul - in Brazil, if Mr Meneghetti is one of its academical or if there are any collaboration between this university and the AIO.
    That's the answer:

      "Following the information received from the Administration Board of the Department of psychology,  Prof. Meneghetti in 1992 was at the Caxias do Sul University, and the executives of that university proposed us a conference of Prof. Meneghetti in the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio del Grande do Sul (PUCRS). So we accepted the proposal and, on May 30 1992, Prof. Meneghetti discussed the topic 'O paradigma da Ontopsicologia', in our university, as you can see in the PUCRS yearbook in 1992. Your faithfully – Porto Alegre, April 23 1998".
    Therefore Mr. Meneghetti has discussed only a conference at that university, and he was invited there by an unknown professor.

    A lot of people with some  "strange" acadenuc titles have been invited to meetings or conferences at some universities, without having any protocol of cooperation, and these people never became real accademical. A university protocol of cooperation isn't a  prestigious academic title: every association that is interested in a topic could ask a protocol of cooperation to a university. This means that, reaserching, we can exchange a lot of information. But these are all the academic titles of the AIO?

    The real ridicolous thing happens when we get in a web page and we find many discrepancies in names and events described in other internet files. Firstly they say that the International Ontopsychology Association (AIO) is a private association with a regular notarial deed recorded at a public office of the Magistrate Court of Rome. Is it so rare? There are hundreds of associations that are recorded!
    Then, we have 4 academical associated to the IIA: Anna Nucciarone, Cinzia Mingarini and Marcello Bruognolo (all have been arrested, together with Meneghetti, many years ago for the accuse of  criminal association). How many people do you number? We just have 3! And the unknown one? Who's gonna be? Maybe Victor Cernomirdin, president of the russian government, who has never been mentioned in the previous pages as a member of the important group of people linked to the IIA? But 'Victor Cernomirdin' isn’t the right way to write it (as usual)!

    Following our reading of the page, they try to differentiate the Italian Ontopsychology Association and the international one, even if they safeguard some common aspects. Why? It's clear that they are essentially the same, with a centre in Italy and another abroad (as they assert). In an old page of the AIO they mentioned the centres of the Ontopsychology Association in Venezuela, in Perù, in S. Petersburg, in Riga, in Kiev, in China and other; what has happen to these centres? Have they been closed in a couple of months or have they ever been open?

    We have also tried to verify the presence of some people, mentioned in the AIO page as members of the XII International Meeting of Ontopsychology. We have found that, with the exception of Moscoso Hugo Bellido and Hann Erwin, any  of these personages is mentioned in the abstracts of the meeting itself. Have they been changed in the meanwhile? Anyway at that meeting nothing in particular (it even had a precise title!) has been discussed: art, fitness, music therapy, pedagogy, psychology, phisiology, history (from Socrates to the Red Brigades), phisics, architecture, history of the movies, juvenile laws and on...

    What about the so-called "dialogues" of Meneghetti with some important italian intellectuals (Severini, Todisco, Iammarone, Masullo etc.): some of them have been invited to visit the centre of the association, and other have met the association outside of it. These 'dialogues' don't mention if these important intellectuals agreed or not with the AIO or if they created a collaboration with it. On the contrary, we called some of them and they say that they have expressly quarrelled with Mr Meneghetti because his opinions were absurd! But this is enough to create a legend of these famous  "scientific dialogues".

    Some of these attendances of Meneghetti are included in this page for the first time, even if they happened some years ago: probably some of the ontopsycologists have researched about the intercultural relationships of famous people just to say that Meneghetti had a 'dialogue' with them, but we think that in those occasions, Meneghetti, had only participated as a listener and maybe asked a question at the end of a conference. If these 'dialogues' are so important, why haven't they promoted before they take place? Would it be right to report in the news of the AIO something like this: 'February 29 2001, the academical Meneghetti talks to the President of the Republic about contemporary society. The meeting will have place in the Sistina Chapel in Viterbo. Everybody is invited!' -  No, everything is reported after the event takes place, when it's difficult to verify the truthfullness of it. Then we have verify that the famous Pontifical University of Saint Tommaso D'Aquino of Rome, where frequently took place conferences and dialogues about ontopsychology, offers a service that grant everybody its assembly hall and various sallons for meetings, conferences, presentations of new books, publicizing it even on the internet!

    It's funny what they say:

      "June, 26-29, 1997 - Geneva, with the sponsorship of OMS and CRI, the AIO-IIA organizes a practical and theorical seminary of Meneghetti addressed to physichans and psychologists on the topic.... with some experts coming from China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Europe and Australia".
    The CRI (International Red Cross) has affirmed that they have never cooperate to any of these AIO conferences. What does it mean, then, a 'cross partecipation' of the CRI? We have a handbill like this:
      "The opening will take place on June 26, at 4:00 pm, at the United Nations Palace in Geneva. Works will be developped at the Hotel Bristol in Geneva, where participants can stay".
    We think that they tried to take advantage from the prestigious name of the United Nations Palace, using then another hotel for the real conference.
    It's really funny also the story of the Laurea Honoris Causa in Physics that Meneghetti received in Roma from an academic of the Second University of Naples, on behalf of the Pro Deo University of New York. The matter is that on the page they always have written that the laurea honoris causa was issued by the International University of Albany!

    We have also found that Mr. Meneghetti never get the certificate of education in 'biblioteconomy'. Here's the official answer of the Vatical Apostolic Library:

      "In the admission record of that time (1962) we found that Mr. Meneghetti was a franciscan friar who attended to a biblioteconomy course and did the final examination (the written exam 24/30 and the oral exam 23/30). But he hasn't get the Certificate because he never did the final examination. Your faithfully – Rome, February 22, 2000".
    Let's talk about the way they descrive these academic titles: they rearrange the text as they want, avoiding any legal trouble. For example, in the same page we mention before, we find that "June 20, 1997 - the AIO is and official member of the IIA"... wasn't it already member of it before?

    To go on with the topic of the presumed universities linked to the association, we have an interesting interview of Ciancabilla, who killed Prof. Alinovi of the DAMS of Bologna and then escaped abroad:

      S. What were you doing in Brazil?

      C. Everything! I've even taught Urbanistic in a university without having a degree!

      S. But what did you know about urbanistic?

      C. Anything! But there they don't ask you your academic titles. I read a lot of books about it and taught them. Urbanistic of italian and european cities, and then I taught italian language too.

      (taken from "Repubblica, May 8, 1998 - Bologna local news, by Luigi Spezia)

    This means that the ontopsychologists have worked in many universities so distant and they didn't have had to show any academic title, because it was difficult for that university to verify the reliability of it. But these titles were only fake!

    Let's discuss now about the prestigious 'Culture Award' that Mr. Meneghetti get in 1980, 1987 and 1989. It's just necessary to take a look at this link http://www.alice.it to understand that the reality is another. This 'Culture Award' has been established in 1985 and so how did Meneghetti receive it five years before? It consists of a monetary prize given to "writers, editors, graphics, book sellers, translators" for "works published or not". What does it mean? It means that Meneghetti was given the prize because he's a writer, or an editor, or a graphic or a book seller if we think about the creation of his personal publishing house, 'Psicologica Editrice' that has published all his works? And how can it be possible that he hasn't written anything for any other editor? Maybe the other publishing houses never accepted his books? Why it's not possible to find his books in a normal book shop? Why we have to request them only to the Association itself, giving our personal tax code?
    Meneghetti get this award also for the works he hasn't published! Is it so prestigious then? In the same internet site we find the list of other prizes: it's not clear if it concerns this year or all the past awards, and anyway the AIO or Meneghetti aren't in the list! Searching the link to the Academy of Modern Art site we discover that "the A.I.A.M. promotes the 'Culture Awards', recorded at no. 1/234602 of the works protected by the Law 20/04/41 no. 633 at the Literary Artistical Scientifical Property Board of the Council of Ministers Chairmanship, where is conserved the Medusa Aurea Trophy, a work of the sculptor Nunzio Bibbò".

    Mr. Meneghetti pour out also the title of 'member of the Academic Senate of International Academy of Modern Art' (1986) but it's impossible to find his name in the list of that web page!

    At the end, we have tried to find the AIO in a lot of web pages, starting from the ones of the Italian Order of psychologists and psychotherapists, the ones of the schools mentioned in the Order and to all the other schools  and corporations of international level, but it has been unusefull... the Italian Association of Ontopsychology is never mentioned. We have also called the APC (Cognitive Psychology Association), a corporation whose member, as the ontopsychologists say, is the AIO and particularly Lorenzini Loretta, and this was the answer:

    "... I could say that we have never heard this Doc. Lorenzini and the ontopsychology is out of our scientifical background. We are an association with scientifical and didactic aims, and we manage the school of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy that is recognized by MURST. It's not possible to be a member of our association. Yours faithfully. - Rome, March 3, 2000".

    There's another funny thing in the AIO web page. Meneghetti has also another academic title (pay attention to the numbers!): "1997 - Academic of the International Academy of Culture 1998".