Loretta: Just a Victim?
    Meneghetti's wife sues for separation

    We recently heard that Mrs Meneghetti has sued for separation from her husband, while of course asking for their assets. Apparently all the real estate she owns and the money she has  put together as an Ontic psychoanalyst are not enough!

    She probably is undecided as to where to spend her time: in via Castello at Campello or in via Scoglio in Quarto near Terni, or at Pagozza di Montereale!
    Maybe she wonders where she can earn more with her profession: Roma, Terni, Spoleto or Rieti?
    We can imagine her busily overseeing the olive trees on her estates at Scandriglia or Montereale.
    A busy woman indeed!

    Of course, Tonino has much more and more interesting property than she does, but how can she get hold of it unless she appears as the sacrificial victim of her husband?
    This is why she now appears as such to the followers of her husband that she has managed to win over to her cause.
    However, we remember how Loretta Lorenzini was arrested together with her husband in 1981 for undue influence on the followers of the group.
    The trial finished in acquittal, due to the "impossibility of establishing a frontier between what is legal and what is not", and the case faded away due to amnesties and limitations.

    The sentence of October 7th, 1998, in favour of Massimo Lugli, says: "The judicial investigation against the leaders of the "International Association of Ontopsychology", to which Meneghetti and Lorenzini claim they belong, showed that the members progressively began to abandon their families, moving to Rome to work with Meneghetti, overcome by a blind, almost magnetic admiration for the
    "professor". It also showed that Meneghetti claimed that a wide range of illnesses, including organic ones, are caused by a kind of negative fluid emitted by the family members of the patient, so that going on living in the same environment would lead to absorbing negative energy. Therefore, in order to save themselves and recover completely, the patients had to break off any link with their family and leave them; otherwise, their psycho-physical condition would suffer irreversible harm (see the order of the Court of Appeal of Rome, November 23, 1981, enclosed with the acts)."

    During this trial, Lorenzini Loretta asked the investigating magistrate to dismiss the case against her.

    Not a bad beginning; and then we can add that in 1996, a criminal investigation was opened against Mr and Mrs Meneghetti for manslaughter, in relation to the death by carbon monoxide poisoning of a young immigrant (Pretura of Poggio Mirteto),so little need be added about their good faith.

    Loretta has always been a more than willing accomplice in the deeds of her husband, and she has always been associated in the same alleged criminal actions as her husband; so why suddenly pretend that she was not an accomplice? Just for the money?

    To get a clearer idea of her position, here are some extracts from the magazine Ontopsicologia n° 2 of July,   1983, with an interview with Loretta: "A person for a lifetime" and "Existing as a woman and not as a role".

    «Loretta Lorenzini, an Italian national, 40, with two university degrees - one in Economy and Commerce, the other in Psychology, ordinary member and founder of the A.I.O.... is also a beautiful and above all a healthy woman...  a proposal of her life-opportunity for othetrs who want to become to the point where the design of life appears as a complete and effective contemplation...»

    We are not told where she obtained the two degrees mentioned above, so we have the right to doubt about them. Also she clearly claims here that she founded the AIO (wasn't it Meneghetti who did so?) and we also learn that she is a HEALTHY woman (Italian dialects offer many colourful synonyms).

    Considering that she is a successful businesswoman with more than one degree, she could have found a more proper way of expressing herself.

    «I am happy to be a true woman all the way, I am autonomous, I am realized, I have no need to dominate or to wave flags or to provoke uprisings for or against anybody»
    «The semantic field makes it possible to create a cerebral socket which operates through an erotic-vaginal sleepiness»
    «Although it may seem the contrary, women are ready to be whores all the way»
    «In my sexual experiences, there was affection, there was love, but there was a quest for technical perfection, a quest for the rubbing together of sexual organs leading to that result. Then there was the quest for an organism, a desperate quest, in sexual relations, for orgasm».
    «Sex for me is the eroticism of life, making life through any form of eroticism. Apart from sexual relations, whatever I do, I like to do it with cellular eroticism. It might be setting the table. It is something banal, but setting the cutlery, choosing the tablecloth, the flowers, turns me on erotically: there is no longer a plate on the table, I exist together with the plate and the metabolism which is the white eroticism of life makes itself order inside me».
    «A "true cock" is the natural asset only of a "true man"»

    «Ontopsychology for me was a man... today it is the only form of life»
    «Seeing a girl could make me jealous. Perhaps because of the sex that my husband could have with her, but even more than sex, the affection. And I would follow this thought up, thinking it was not fair, it wasn not logical, these were the usual jealousies of any "proper woman." Then I suddenly asked myself, but what am I getting out of all this? If I go on being jealous and possessive, what advantage will this give me? I started to drop out of my role as a wife, saying: OK, I'll pretend I am just one of the herd of girls».

    So, we see that Loretta joined Ontopsychology because of her husband; and that she was perfectly aware, and approved of, the fact that her husband had sex with the female members of the group. Perhaps it was Loretta herself who got these girls for him (she was accused in court of undue
    influence on the female members of the group).

    Finally, she tells us:
    «...my hobby is making lampshades, but I don't think people who do psychotherapy with me have to make lampshades. Everybody must become a leader following his own path»

    A company called ARS LUCIS, run by Loretta Lorenzini, is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, so this is not a "hobby", as she puts it, but her profession!
    Finally, how can she think psychotherapy could include having her patients make lampshades or other items? With all that psychotherapy costs, it is hard to imagine also exploiting the patients as free labour, even if under the mask of therapy!
    But that is what the sentence we quoted seems to be saying.

    Also, Ontopsicologia no. 2 and no. 3 of 1984 explicitly says that the famous Ontopsychology dictionary was largely thought up by Mrs Loretta Lorenzini.
    Can anybody now claim that Loretta has nothing to do with Ontopsychology or her husband? Or is it merely another ontic manoeuvre to put investigators on a false trail and hide some of the assets?

    Nor does the Il Cenacolo website claim that Loretta has nothing to do with Ontopsychology; rather, it offers activities which are partly alternative, partly parallel to those of Meneghetti.
    However, we know that some former Ontopsychology members have joined Loretta in her struggle against her husband and to help her gain their freedom (of course losing their own, and moving over from one cult to another without realizing it!).