"Ecceic Connotation of the Edenic Function"

Tells us that ontoart started in 1976, during a concert by  Tonino Meneghetti, in other words, Mr  Tonino gave a piano concert during which he showed some of his "works of art" for the first time.  Ontoart boasts of being a "School of art for every school of Art", in other words art above all art. It is rather difficult to discuss what the AIO page says, since completely abstract terms are used unsparingly: in this ontodiscipline, we come across a jumble of entirely meaningless nouns and adjectives which however provide a frame for the manifestations of the discipline.

We find that "ontoartistic merits" include the "creation of a crystal [meaning glass] vase", a feat Meneghetti " accomplished in Venice, at the furnaces of the island of Murano" with no further details given.

Now how many of us have been to Murano and gone into a glass furnace? You may well be one of those who offered a tip to the owner or just was friendly with the employees, just in order to "create" something. This happened to us too - we didn't spend anything at all, it was just the glass workers who kindly allowed me to play. What Mr Meneghetti did was nothing unusual (and if we think of the outcome of his glass-making efforts...).

Even more interesting is the description of the "main ontoartistic events": however, most of the events mentioned simply mean nothing at all: Mr Tonino apparently rented rooms in the buildings mentioned there in order to show his works to his "ontopsychologized" followers who paid out large sums just to have one ontowork and to enter the showroom. We have not found any mention of  Meneghetti (or for that matter of ontoart) in publications on art or architecture or in the official catalogues of such prestigious exhibition venues as the Campidoglio in Rome,  Palazzo Ducale in Venice, Castel dell'Ovo in Naples or elsewhere.

As far as the events at Lizori are concerned, this is much like claiming to have held an international show in one's own living room! Indeed, the whole town is "ontodrawn" with Meneghetti's works.

The whole great castle of "ontoart" ends up by looking very much like a sandcastle.