1st World Ontopsychology Conference

Moscow  -  October 8-12, 1997

The only genius of our planet could hardly be satisfied with summoning the "XVth International Ontopsychology Conference", so he decided to organize the "1st World Ontopsychology Conference"!

Actually, we can't really understand what the difference is between "International" and "World", but we suppose the latter sounds more impressive.

Anna Nucciarone, introducing the Moscow Conference, helps us to understand:

For the first time, the term "world" has been used to define an
Ontopsychology conference, as directly suggested by the UN [sic] in order
to stress the presence of scholars from every continent.

So the term "world" was not decided by the Ontopsychologists - the UN itself went out of its way to order the AIO to summon conferences which were no longer "international" but "world" wide in their scope!

Important notice
The Intergalactic council of universal minds will soon be
calling on the Ontopsychologists to summon an extraterrestrial convention!

If you think we are joking or that our irony is too heavy, listen to what
Meneghetti said at the Moscow conference:

What will the code for dialogue be, what will the logical criterion be with other
probable extraterrestrial races or civilizations? Other extreterrestrial
civilizations are normally exerting pressure on this terrestrial, human reality.
This is a simple scientific existence [sic] which all those who are responsible,
at the top, for this planet know.
Ontopsychology also has the fundamental code for a dialogue with these
other intelligences, based on the universal code of man, so it is a culture
which is preparing the way for meeting them with dialectics and rationality.

Now let us go back to Anna's description of the conference. She says:

More than eight hundred people came in...

(look carefully at the picture above, where the most generous calculation
will let you count no more than 180 people!)

During the presentation, it was proudly stressed that everybody was there
on his own decision and had freely and personally paid all his own expenses.
It is easy to organize conferences anywhere in the world, when expenses
are covered by ministries, universities, sponsors and pharmaceutical
corporations. Bringing together nearly one thousand people present with
their own means, on the other hand, is an event which is
hardly to be met with in reality.

So, this world conference, held on orders from the UN, had no sponsors, it was simply summoned by the Ontopsychologists, with all expenses paid for by the followers!
We also find that the conference itself was unreal... since it is hardly to be met with in reality.

Now take a look at the photo below: which language was used in a world conference? If you think they used English, you are wrong: they used Italian, and indeed even the large poster behind Meneghetti is written in Italian only (neither English, nor Russian!).

Even though the Ontopsychologists were unable to get the tiniest sponsor or a university to suport them, their leader still could not withhold from expressing his wisdom:

Leonardo da Vinci stated that the majority of human beings was born only to
fill up latrines ["latrine" is not a philosophical term in Russian]. Other
great men thought the same. What was the intimate reason which provoked
them into being humanity? It is a value of immanent ethics which actuates
the universal.

Since the extragalactic science of Meneghetti may seem a little obscure, Roberta Brovedani, vaguely defined as a "researcher", comes to our aid with an interesting paper on Meneghetti's physics, with the title "Extension of the quantum field theory for a physical-mathematical formulation of the semantic field: the first formalization":

There are two very important effects:

1. The second principle of thermodynamics - the conservation of energy - no longer holds true.
2. Thanks to the renormalization method, infinites are no longer excluded from physics formulas,  since the infinite acquires a real psychological meaning.

Principle 1) leads to the transformation of the formula E = mc2 into E = mc2 +

In the case of homo individuation:
  =/ H + 1 /

                                             a                   b                                c

Where:      a  =  psychic energy
                 H  = Meneghetti's constant
                 b  = individual energetic psychic quantum
                 c  = alienity coefficient

So the energy formula becomes  : E = mc2 + b / H + 1 / c   (of course, put the relevant drawings in the place of the letters)

Where:        b = infinite at the nth power with n tending to Z
                   H  = infinite at the 9th power

We have now included psychological dimensions in the basic formula of physics; this makes everything easier, and the other two psychological dimensions can now be defined in theoretical physics:

1. the semantic field 

2. psychological intentionality 

In order to work out the quantum theory with the semantic field, a new operator must be introduced, which I shall define as the choice operator .

The choice operator works on the wave of solitons, stabilizing their direction: the soliton is created by psychological intentionality.

So much science leaves us speechless. One wonders how so many people can fall into the mesh of Ontopsychology, not realizing that they are being used on the basis of the science fiction theories of  Meneghetti, of his wife Lorenzini and of the Ontopsychology leadership.

A large conference held in a rented hall in Moscow.
Why is Ontopsychology growing in Russia? Is it really a contemporary science, or is it just a fast growing commercial cult?
We leave the decision to reader. However we would like to quote some lines from an official Russian document entitled Final Statement of the Conference of Scholars and Operators of the Siberian Orthodox Church - Totalist Cults in Siberia(you can read the original Russian text here):

No 27. We believe that the actions of the Ministry of Culture in Russia, which has founded the State Academy of Eurhythmics, as well as the action of the Minstry of Education in Russia, which has taken measures in support of Anthroposophy and has introduced Waldorf teaching methods in public schools, are both illegal and mistaken.
No 28. We think the issue of religious policy is basically different in Russia compared to the West. This is because in Russia all the land, most public buildings, lecture halls, cinemas, schools, libraries and so on are largely State property. Since these public places are used as centres for the organization and preaching of totalist cults, this means that their activities are being supported by the State. We do not believe that any
non-confessional State should support totalist cults. In Russia, this means that State institutions should be protected against any attempt by cultists to use them as centres for propaganda. The criteria used to establish the relations between the State and religious organizations should be clear and based on the law.
And these same criteria should be used to establish a list of cults with which the State should not co-operate.
No. 31. We alos notice how the current situation gives a priority to those religious groups which refuse recognition as religious associations. Using the identity of centres for culture, information, ecology or methodology, certain cults have obtained direct access to schools. At the same time, school administrations have prevented acess to students who represent traditional, real and legally approved confessions.
We cannot avoid expressing a feeling of shock over the introduction of cultic teachings in the form of lessons.

We think this is enough to make the reader think twice about the scientific nature of Ontopsychology's accreditation in Russia.

N.B. The words and pictures in this page are taken from the magazine "Nuova Ontopsicologia", No 1, February 1998 (it costs a mere 50,000 Italian Lire - about 25 US dollars - for 64 pages! The paper probably contains gold dust; or perhaps this is just the cost of science).