Ontoart 2
intelligence in matter
Analysis of an exhibition by Meneghetti the artist

We were struck by an interview with Meneghetti on Ontoart, published in "Nuova Ontopsicologia", February 1998. The interview was granted to an Ontopsychologist from Bologna to discuss the inauguration of the gallery of Ontoart in Recanto Maestro (Brazil) on November 8th, 1997.

A true jewel!

Since nobody knows exactly where Recanto Maestro is located, Mr Meneghetti
answered as follows:

I have the calm pride of knowing that masterpieces are exhibited
in this gallery...
The exibitions I have made around the world in so many places have
always made me happy, and today I know that great art is made
where you want to make it... great art is something you do at home.
By the way, the true paintings, the most important ones, are no l
onger in museums.
Anywhere in the world, there is a little room which for me is the gallery of galleries.

In other words, Mr Meneghetti, as a master artist, prefers not to have his works mixed up with those of the mediocre people to be found in museums (Raffaello, Cimabue, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Titian, to mention a few); so he has decided to find a room in Recanto Maestro to exhibit his great works.
Of course, as often happens in Meneghetti's shows, the Ontopsychology followers have to go to the show, sometimes paying to enter, and purchase the works.

Tonino is asked what kind of works are on exhibit:

The technique used in my paintings is the most advanced known today in
terms of craft and art...
There are paintings which open up human horizons, natural horizons,
terrestrial horizons, extraterrestrial horizons, material horizons,
spiritual horizons. When I make a painting, I have a clear and definite
idea. When I open up, a great many things I did not know come out. What I
open up, in other words, is greater than what I formalized. I sometimes
have to fight to not let some presences get into certain paintings.


I was missing a painting, my favourite one which I did not have with me
here. So I had to make it: it is the famous [sic] dot and line painting,
where you have to grasp the punctualization of being in relation to
existence. It is a harmonious zenic proportion. Generally, I only use
black: I like it very much because it is the most complete colour, which
possesses the light of all the others [editor's note: wasn't it white which
included the full spectrum?].
It is hard to dominate the proportion between space and light and there is
only one point where the painting is perfect, there are never two. As far
as I know, only a few Zen masters have succeeded. But I have not learned
from them.

As you can see from the picture, Meneghetti does use the most advanced
pictorial technique known so far... he paints with his feet!

But the best is yet to come. Meneghetti tells the world he has also created
a perfume: yes, you got it, a perfume!

I have made a perfume for a definite reason. Like everybody, I have
emotional variations, however at certain times my emotions give out
perfumes, and I don't want other people to receive those perfumes, since
they are transparencies of my soul. So I have made a perfume which can
cover everything well. Semantic perfume [sic] is a quite frequent fact in
some human beings, and should not come as a surprise.
For example, if you have a pretty female parrot and she likes you, this
parrot will start making circles and trembling with her feather, and after
a short time, will start giving out a special, tender perfume.
The same holds true for both men and women, when they are in excellent
erotic shape...
I recently made a new perfume. It contains whisky, tobacco, cigar, many
other essences and an herb which is very good for the liver.

Dear readers, if you want to mask your excellent erotic shape and avoid raising overwhelming passions in a parrot, make sure you have one of Meneghetti's scent bottles with you (after paying a large amount!). Of course everybody will avoid you as you smell of cigar, whisky and tobacco (plus a plant against cirrhosis of the liver) - what counts is that the others will not be able to read your transparent soul!