The story of brazilian
old adherent...

Dear Mr. Joseph,

    Let me explain a little  bit  about  my history with  Ontopsicology. I had a problem im 1997 and  looked for  a solution   i arrive in Ontopsicology me and  my Husband, at   the begining  it  seems  very good, but  something i could not accepted  so i stared  making  questions and  they were  not  very happy with me   and  they almost obbligte us to make  Mr Menegetthi couses and it  usually  were very expensive  something  around U$ 3.000,00 each person and  when i  use  to say i didnt had  money  for  that  they use to say  that  i didnt want do grow i  would became a "mediocre"  and etc.

    My psycologist also charge me  more money than the other because  she said that  Mr Meneghetti said so because i didnt want to change ,by that  once my psycologist  told me  to buy a plant    and put it in my bedroom and each time  i had  a hard situation  i should look at the plant and think it was the teacher Meneghtti and he  would help me my husband  his psycologist  told him to  put  a picture that my husband  had with Mr Menegetthi in front of his desk at the office,  to  be short in this history  because there is much , much more to tell you.

    After i dicided not to go  in this "seita"( i agree with  you in all word), after that  day all my life changed, my husband use to be a very good father and  husband  ( he was not  perfect  as all of  us), but  we  were a  very beatiful family. After as interviw with Meneghetti which charge U$ 500,  and  you dont  stay more  that  15 mim with him, he  move home, almost dont see the  kids.

    When he  stay far  way from Ontopsicology  he turn him self more normal, and he cant  get way from this there is nothing  that  i show him that convince, after a long way i found you, that see  execlly what i see in Ontopsycollogy, i m  relly shame to tell  this  history many people because  very boby would think i m crazy this is beliveble.......

    By the  way i was  invited to sleep with  this theacher, and  the inventetionis not made by him always is made by  his  psicologysts at the beggining i thought i was the  only one  by talking  with  my friend latter she told me  the psycologist  told her  the same thing.

    Another  thing  that is  important he try to make a politic group (dont know how to explain very well this in English) and he  was not  very succsed so  he buy one that is called PHD do Brasil, of course  it was not  with his money it was  with  his fellow s money  he  never  pays  any things.

    I got and Informations that  he tells  man to make love  only with prostituts because these  way they (man) dont  have to  shoe affetions. Another  information of  woman (this i head) whem make love dont  delivery your self.

    My psycologist said once  that  the only man that  knows how to make love is the Teacher the  rest of the man dont know.

    About january 2001, i just asked because  what  they said  here is that  Mr Meneghetti was invited by ONU to make a speeach, what i doudt he may had rented a room and payed some one to talk with him, he also say he is menber of ONU, what  i also doubt!! He lives is a complete lie  and  i dont  know  how people are inocent to bealive  in it.