PAESE SERA/ LOCAL NEWS - ROME  Wednesday, May 8, 1981

«To avoid the evil you have to make love with me!»

The evidences of a woman addressed by her doctor to the ontopsychologist Meneghetti - "I want to talk to warn people"


Is slowly falling down the cospiracy of silence around the notorious Meneghetti. The former priest now it's not only the bearer of strange theories that take away his clients from their families and normal life, but this man is also the subject of many impeachments. A woman has told us her story, she's been forced to sexual activities during a psychotherapic consultation. Here's her dramatic evidence.

"Hello, are you the Paese Sera reporter who is inquiring about Mr. Meneghetti? You are discovering the truth about him, but  there's something even worse. I'm scared, but I want to help other people that can be contrived by that man. That's why I'm calling you". The woman refused to let me write here her name and went on.
"In 1979, me and my husband were two of  Meneghetti's clients and together with us there were a lot of people coming from all over Italy, from Udine, Vicenza and above all Naples, where it seems that Meneghetti had many protectors. It was strange to me that so many people left their jobs just to follow him, and give him as much money as possible: you know, to be cured by him you need a lot of money! I'm not sure, but I think that many unemployed women decided to prostitute themselves to pay Meneghetti".

How much is a bill?

"Last year it costed 50,000 lire but now I think it's 100,000 lire. Sexual consultations costed 100,000 lire, those of  cinotherapy (therapy based on the vision of movies) costed 30,000 lire, music therapy more than 100,000 lire, immagogy 25,000 lire (during this strange therapy clients stay half-asleep and when they wake they have to describe what they dreamt so the therapist explains them the meaning of those half-asleep visions, saying them if they are healthy or not). The result is that it was necessary a lot of money, and me and my husband began to be worried on how to get money to buy new shoes to our children!".

But what did Mr Meneghetti told you?

"The same old story, that I had to go away from everything and everybody, my family first of all, because in the relationship with my relatives passed only negatives energies. He told me that I was personally responsable of my son's arm fracture, but I wasn't even there when it happened!".

What can you say about other abuses of Mr. Meneghetti?

"I'm a good woman, of a good family, I have a job and a position... what can I say? He left me so upset that I have never gone there no more. During personal therapy he induced me to make love with him. He told that he was Jesus Christ and that I would have loved him even more than my husband. I know that many women shared with me the same treatment".

But during the sexual relation, were you consent?

"No, I wasn't, but Meneghetti is a very strong and violent man... I was upsed, confused and scared, but now I understand".

But why did you decide to be cured by Meneghetti?

"A physician told me his name. Doc. Bruni was a psychiatrist and neurologist who sent a lot of people to Meneghetti. I don't know if Bruni did it 'cause he believed in Meneghetti or if he received money by him".

Do you know something about Pissignano, the castle where Meneghetti lives?

"Yes, I know it. Initiates buy houses around the castle with a regular notarial deed of a Notary of Spoleto".

Why didn't you decide to react to Meneghetti before?

"Yes, we contacted the Vicarship and they told us that Mons. Cunbal would have manage the thing, he also told us that we had to thank God because we were finally far from that man".

When you decided to stop with the therapy, what did Meneghetti tell you?

"He menaced us. He said 'You will kill yourself! You'll throw yourself from a bridge and kill one of your children!'. I heard Meneghetti to tell a girl that she would have killed herself with her hands. These are the things that he tells to the people that want to go away from him".

Were there any real suicide?

"An architect wife killed herself and another woman threw herself from the third floor. The last one saved herself but now has a glass-eye. She works at the INPS company, now".

What do the Meneghetti's initiates do in their normal life?

"He wants us to act our role. Many initiates have apparently a normal life, with a good position and a job, but they have very big mental problems!".

Do you think that Meneghetti is rich now?

"Yes, for sure... He send his money in Switzerland. I hope that you will understand how I'm feeling now, I want to help other people and protect them from the dangerous and violent therapies of that man".