Abstract from the questioning of the witness from the Rome Flying Squad taken from the proceedings of the trial against Massimo  Lugli

NOVEMBER 28 1992

In 1987, I was a member of the Flying Squad. In June 1987, an investigation took place on the ontopsychologists. It lasted until September. We handed over to the judges a criminal conspiracy set up by 8 people accused of various crimes, such as bribing public officials so as to win tenders, swindles, possession of illicit drugs for sale and so on.

During the investigation, we made an account of the assets of the Association which was in the hands of the members [of the conspiracy]. This was done on request by the Public Attorney due to the complaints submitted by relatives of members of the association.

We questioned a very large number of people during the investigation; the sources we consulted expressed feelings of doubt about certain rituals performed inside the organisation, for example a six-year-old child was subjected to special rites which could have been harmful for its growth. Most people refused to sign their statements. Most of the material in the minutes therefore comes from technical investigation.

Statements were however written down, as was the refusal to make any statement. Such a  refusal was due to fear of possible reprisals. For example, I remember how some members had performed unclear financial operations which they refused to talk about.

The relationship between the association and its members was of a patient-therapist type: Meneghetti venivwas called the Master and his followers, patients. The patients said they had approached the association for psychological reasons, and then began attending group meetings. Those who cose to sign their statements  found nothing strange about the meetings. I remember that the association owned large amounts of real estate, for example in Rome - in via Medaglie d'Oro - and property in Scandriglia (near Rieti).

..... I remember about the child since this happened as a result of a complaint to the police: the mother began to behave strangely after joining the association, and the child seems to have been submitted to rites which frightened him. Always according to the complaint, the mother suffered from personality disorders, changing her voice at home and using unspecified procedures to deal with the feeling the child had of being abandoned.